Hello and Welcome to Domaine of the Bee - the tiny winemaking project of Justin Howard-Sneyd MW in France's hotly-tipped Roussillon region.

We love to champion big reds - it is the style we love and the style we make, and we are unashamed enjoyers of full-throttle, turbo-charged Grenache. We are aquiring more fans and our mailing list is growing by the day. If you are new to our world - welcome.... do please "Sign up" (on the right) and leave us your details, so that we can keep you up-to-date with what we are up to.

The 2013 harvest was safely gathered in (very late) by the end of October, and a few preliminary pics have been posted to our facebook page - click HERE

For a slightly philosphical take on this year's harvest, have a look at Justin's blog entry HERE

Justin, Amanda and Philippe

Latest News

As reported in today's Harpers Wine and Spirit

Bees could help speed up the ageing of wine finds new research

Two of England’s high profile Masters of Wine have announced a radical new method of accelerating the ageing of wine – with the help of a hive of bees.

It has been known for a long time that beehives maintain an extremely well-regulated temperature even in the harshest of winters, but it is only beginning to be appreciated that the constant vibration of thousands of pairs of wings has a mellowing effect on wine that is stored inside a beehive.

In a ground-breaking experiment, bee-keeper and label designer Neil Tully MW worked with winemaker Justin Howard-Sneyd MW to...